The GO PURPLE campaign was born in the heart of Annari du Plessis, founder of Crossroads. Crossroads is a Trauma and Community Centre that gives assistance to members in the community who are hurt and failed by roleplayers and even churches for the past 6 years. 


The GO PURPLE CAMPAIGN was done for the 1st time in July 2012, almost 1 year after du Plessis was locked up for a weekend in jail after she rescued a 13 year old girl who was locked up and groomed and later used as a sex slave. Annari very much in need of HOPE due to her own court case, 1 year ongoing at that time was overwhelmed by the reaction of women like Hettie Brittz and Ina Bonnet. Annari like so many other got  HOPE by reading their stories in the media and now Annari was giving a platform through GO PURPLE where they alll together could give HOPE to survivors in the capital of rape in the world. 

It is all about NETWORKING and taking hands

Rape is happening every few seconds, abuse also and through the GO PURPLE CAMPAIGN last year women al over South Africa took hands to work for change on ground level 1st (looking at the survivor in her or his darkest hour) making sure that her/his rights are respected and that she/he gets proper assistance no matter her/his appearance or if she/he is under the influence or not. 

We are far from the end, we have just begin but we are focused and looking forward for change in South Africa when it comes to the handling of victims of RAPE and VIOLENCE. 

There are wonderful legislation but we do think that is the roleplayers who are uneducated regarding the handling and the rights of a survivor of rape.

We can all complain or we can get our hands dirty and start doing something positive about this.


Isaiah 4:3

God will give Zions women a good bath. He will scrub the bloodstained city of its violence and brutality,purge the place with a firestorm of judgement

Awesome woman and men who already took hands through the GO PURPLE campaign and vowed to make a difference when it comes to survivors of rape and violence

Meat the team in Welkom. Maureen Nel en Jackie Botes has trained Melita's who is helping the SAPS with victims of sexual abuse and rape. Please contact Jackie on 0835664663 by Zoe Life if you need help or want to get involved.

Meet Anja Lessing who stays in Brandfort in the Freestate but works in Bloemfontein. Anja is such a blessing and will help if help is needed. Anja can be contacted on 0846891084

Meet Mandy in Bloemfontein. What a blessing and she has come a long way. She always helps when requested by a victim. You can call Mandy on 0847413441 

Amanda de Swardt is serving in Malelane at the Police Station in Malelane. Amanda has hidden for many years because of hurt and shame after a brutal rape. It impacted her whole life. She decided   to be part of GO PURPLE but also start a GO PURPLE support group. She works closely with other NPO'S in Malelane Amanda contact number 0723718993

I met Colleen Strauss through Ina Bonette at her trial at the High Court. What a privilege and not knowing how much she would mean to me in months to follow. Colleen has taken over a well organised TRAUMA CENTRE from Dr Pixie du Toit in Sinoville. Colleen contact number in Pretoria 0795155586

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