Rose of Sharon - He paid the price

More than 80000 cases of sexual violence were reported in the past 2 years! More than 41% of the cases were children.
Little or NO help is available to these SURVIVORS in our country.
BUT by buying a ROSE  , allows to help us help these SURVIVORS by providing
-    Trauma Counselling- where no money is available
-    Forensic Assessments for children- where no funding is available
-    Immediate Needs after an attack.
Women around the country are crocheting these ROSE OF SHARON flowers for HOPE and LIFE
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National Number 0820460083

The Go Purple Foundation

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One of the most important  facts of the ROSE OF SHARON is that it grows and BLOOM in DRY and UNFAVORABLE conditions. 

We have seen survivors of RAPE AND SEXUAL VIOLENCE do JUST THAT- they grew and bloom eventhough they were suppose to die!

In the Word of God   there is a referral  to JESUS as  the ROSE OF SHARON- it makes perfectly sense - even though   He was hated by many ,  He paid with HIS life THE  FULL PRICE  for  our healing and forgiveness - He gave us an opportunity to  live in abundance  and to be reconciled with our FATHER!

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